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Supply Replacement Frequency

The supply replacement frequency listed below is standard for Medicare and Most Insurance Plans. Contact the Resupply Call Center for more information on frequencies allowed for your Insurance Plan.

A7030/Full Face Mask1 / 3 months
A7031/Full Face Cushion1 / 1 month
A7032/Nasal Cushion2 / 1 month
A7033/Nasal Pillows2 / 1 month
A7034/Nasal Mask1 / 3 months
A7035/Headgear1 / 6 months
A7036/Chinstrap1 / 6 months
A7037/Standard Tubing1 / 3 months
A7038/Disposable Filter2 / 1 month
A7039/Non-disposable Filter1 / 6 months
A7046/Water Chamber1 / 6 months
A4604/Heated Tubing1 / 3 months
A7027/Combo Mask1 / 3 months
A7028/Oral Cushion for combo mask1 / 1 month
A7029/Nasal Pillow for combo mask2 / 1 month

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